multiwellTracker has been developed at de Polavieja lab, Cajal Institute (Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas and tested at Champalimaud Foundation) in Madrid, Spain.


The team

Alfonso Pérez-Escudero: multiwellTracker's architecture and code

Ángel-Carlos Román: Test, validation and set-up design

Julián Vicente-Page: Test, validation and set-up design

Gonzalo G. de Polavieja: Team leader

Cite as:

Angel-Carlos Román, Julián Vicente-Page, Alfonso Pérez-Escudero, José M. Carvajal-González, Pedro M. Fernández-Salguero, Gonzalo G. de Polavieja. Histone acetylation regulates behavioral individuality in zebrafish (submitted)


The routine for auto-detection of circular wells uses a modified version of Tao Peng's Hough Transform function, downloaded from MatlabCentral.